Suppliers and retailers working closer together gets results, argues Citrus-Lime...

‘When it comes to retail, convenience will win the day’

Suppliers and retailers working closer together – with better stock information and improved convenience – will yield results, argues Citrus-Lime’s marketing manager Liz Chegwin…

OPINION: Demand for convenience shopping on the High Street is well established and retailers themselves are increasingly expecting the same level of service from suppliers.

Well-known brands can no longer sit back and hope to gain sales and market share. Reliable stock information, convenient delivery options and efficient processes are becoming increasingly important to shops. Product and price will always be at the core of retailers’ purchasing decisions.

The forward-thinking suppliers are making it as easy as possible for retailers to order from them and with competition in the industry as strong as ever, it’s no surprise to see suppliers go the extra mile for their retailers. Citrus-Lime has been working closely with suppliers Hope Tech and Zebra Product’s (a leading supplier in the equestrian industry) to build an advanced B2B solution. The platform meets the needs of retailers and suppliers, connecting both parties to improve efficiencies all round.

The new B2B platform improves the retailer’s experience with suppliers when processing orders, viewing products and transferring stock information. Offering retailers a better experience and improved convenience will benefit both supplier and retailer. 

Suppliers can improve relationships with retailers by offering… 

1.Quick and easy product import: Anyone whose job it is to set up product information will tell you that it is very time consuming. Reducing this time reduces costs to the business. 

2. Convenient, streamlined ordering process: This allows retailers to keep shelves replenished automatically. Based on minimum requirements they can apply a “just in time” stock replenishment process to save costs and increase efficiencies. 

3. Reliable live stock information:Providing retailers with live available stock and reliable delivery times is a necessity in today’s fast paced market. This information increases sales opportunities and enables retailers to offer great customer service.

Citrus-Lime has been working with retailers and suppliers for many years now to integrate and synchronise their systems together to streamline the supply chain through the Supplier Integration Module (SIM). Citrus-Lime works with over cycle industry 25 suppliers who link into the Supplier Integration Module. Many retailers choose not to range suppliers who cannot provide excellent B2B facilities.

The B2B solution Citrus-Lime offers takes this supplier integration further and makes it easier and more cost effective for the retailers to buy from them. Therefore retailers will buy and sell more of the supplier’s product.

Suppliers should visit or call 01229 588 628 to find out how they can benefit.

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