April Fool's Day Klaxon: But this will definitely be happening at some point

AFD: Bikmo to launch bike drone security service

April Fool’s Day Klaxon: Cycle insurer Bikmo has revealed plans for a drone security system, named R500 FLI PAL.

Backing its straightforward insurance service, the firm said the drone will follow cyclists’ moves on the trail or road, there to alert to the relevant service to jump to a rider’s rescue. 

At a later date, the drones will also have implemented a GPS system, voice direction and the ability to 3D print small components at the road side.

Bikmo CEO and founder David George said: “This seems like the natural progression to take with insurance. By providing a Bikmo drone to all of our customers, we’re simplifying their riding experience so that worrying about a crash or a theft is the least of their worries. Also, like the black box car insurers provide, our drones can monitor riding behaviour and reduce premiums accordingly”.


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