Simon Watts has 27 i-BikeShop clients, nine of whom have so far signed up for Madison's Ultimatepursuits B2C website package. i-BikeShop is the user-modifiable website creation tool programmed specifically for IBDs. Users can now click behind-the-scenes tick-boxes to make their sites UP-friendly.

Watts adds UP feature to iBikeShop B2C prog

Clicking the tickboxes will lead to the inclusion of UP logo on IBD’s website homepages, as well as ad banners.

The i-BikeShop database will track the number of customers clicking on the UP banners, with a report sent to the site owner.

iBS clients may also flag brands as being UP/Madison brands. If one of these brand’s brand pages are viewed the UP banner is added to the bottom of it which, when clicked, will take the visitor to the Ultimate Pursuits page within the i-BikeShop site.

"The entire ‘brands’ system has had to be reworked for this UP integration," said Watts.

"I’ve undertaken a massive reworking of almost the entire products system at the same time to further optimise the products system for search engine results. This reworking is almost entirely invisible to site visitors and site clients, the only evidence of it being in the addressing regime as the products and offer areas are navigated."

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