With full RRPs, 50/50 online/IBD payment, and 5000 SKUs, the ultimatepursuits site has gone live. BikeBiz BBS contributors are raving about it and now Singletrackworld.com has gone public on the site's launch. There's tons more publicity to come, promises Madison.

Madison’s B2C website gets first publicity splurge

"Every penny being charged for membership of Ultimate Pursuits plus a whole lot more is being ploughed back into marketing the initiative," said Madison’s Dominic Langan, brains behind the site.

There are to be traffic-generating ads in Dirt, What MTB, MBUK, MBR, ProCycling, Cycling Plus, Cycle Sport, Cycle Weekly, 220 Triathlon, and Cycle from the CTC. The ads will continue until the end of 2003.

There will also be banner ads and deep-linking promos on Bikemagic.com and Singletrackworld.com.

The Singletrack site has just started the publicity ball rolling with a mixed review of UP’s usefulness, see http://www.singletrackworld.com/article.php?sid=1088

Langan is pleased the site, which has 5000 signed-up ‘members’ already, has now been unleashed.

"This has been a mammoth project, a little later than we had wished for but we hope from the final result all will agree it has been worth the wait."

UltimatePursuits.co.uk is one of the sponsors of the Shimano 24 hour race this weekend with a satellite broadband internet link allowing the creation of a UP web cafe where the site will be promoted day and night. Ultimatepursuits.co.uk will be on the 1500+ rider number boards as well as vinyl banners around the course.

Ultimate Pursuits is also sponsoring the NPS series as well as the new Ultimate Pursuits downhill trail at Wendover woods.

As can be seen from comments on the BikeBiz bulletin board, UP still has a few wrinkles to iron out but Langan sees the criticism to date as constructive.

One wrinkle out of Langan’s control is the slow provision of shop info from some sign-ups to the UP concept.

"We still have a further 60 sites to create," said Langan.

"Some IBDs have been a little tardy in the provision of information but we are on the case and will have all these created shortly."


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