Tailored coats and jackets have hidden cycle features that come into effect on the bike

Water off a Duck’s Back reveals spring lifestyle cycle range

Water off a Duck’s Back lifestyle apparel range is widening with its new spring collection, including tailored coats and jackets, in stock soon.

The British-made range features what it calls ‘secret cycle clothing’ – "even to the trained eye they clothes look like, and indeed are, beautifully tailored coats and jackets. This all changes on a bike and after dark when the coat reveals its secrets."

Those features includes hidden reflective elements, waterproofing, specially tailored for cycling so arms can move freely and cunningly placed big pockets, among other features.

Founder and MD Antonia Maybury enthused: "The world of cycling is changing thanks to the massive take up since the Olympics and Bradley Wiggins’ wonderful win of the Tour de France. It is no longer the reserve of the lycra clad man in his 40s, but is now in inhabited by fashionable people wanting to look as stylish off their bike as they do on it and we are delighted to be able to help them."

Water off a Duck’s Back was established in 2010.

Retailers interested in a sample can speak to Maybury on 07813 649 757 or via email at Antonia@wateroffaducksback.co.uk


Pictured below is the men’s waterproof cycle blazer, in both off and on the bike modes:

Men’s Waterproof Cycle Blazer Black reflective Ladies Pamela Cycle Coat

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