£55,000 minimum target set by Barcelona studio to get title off the ground

‘BMX video game’ gets a Kickstarter

Barspin Studios, the Barcelona based studio developing a BMX video game, has set up a Kickstarter in order turn the concept into a reality via crowd funding.

With various sponsorship packages available, the studio is calling on bike brands to back the project and have their logos included prominently in game, as well as customised ‘characters’, among other incentives.

With a minimum £55,000 target set in order to get the game developed, it’s already raised £5,000 on it’s first full day online. The studio has set further targets in order to achieve milestones such as downloadable content and a multiplayer aspect.

The developers say on the Kickstarter page: "We want to make this game for PC, XBOX360 and PS3. We are using Unity 3d engine, which allows us to develop for these platforms. Anyway, making a console videogame is pretty expensive. For that reason, we don’t know when we will release BMX The Game for consoles. It depends on the funds reached in kickstarter and the support of the community.

"The life cycle of BMX The Game is evolutive. This means that the aim is to start with a simple and powerful base. A base with realistic physics, good graphics, good controls and a park editor. A base upgradable in all the aspects. So update by update we will add more features, more options, more pieces, more tricks, more bike parts, more maps and famous spots."

For a pledge of just £13 gamers can be guaranteed a digital copy of the game as and when it’s released. With a pledge of £50 or more, access to a BETA model will be granted from October this year.

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