On Friday, Le Anh Tuan, deputy chairman of the Vietnam Bicycle and Motorcycle Association, said that member companies had answered twenty-three questions posed by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal regarding the anti-dumping lawsuit lodged by the Canadian Bicycle Manufacturers' Association.

Vietnamese bike makers answer Canadian questions

On November 22, 2004, the CITT decided to consider and take self-protective measures against imported bikes from foreign countries, including Vietnam.

According to the Voice of Vietnam news agency, a group of five Vietnamese bicycle exports will send the answers to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal on April 4th. This letter would provide "evidence to prove their case," said Le Anh Tuan.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Trade will hold a meeting with Vietnamese bike producers "to assess the effects of the lawsuit on bike production in the domestic market and discuss measures to protect Vietnamese firms’ rights."

Negotiations between the Canadian and Vietnamese protagonists are scheduled for June 3rd. A decision on the lawsuit is expected in August.

The five Vietnamese bike companies involved in the rebuttal are Ashama Yuhjiun International, Dragon Bicycles, ShengFa International, Away and Astro.

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