Mike Anderson, the former personal assistant to Lance Armstrong, is involved in a legal fight with the cyclist and was yesterday asked by the court to file further details in support of his claim. Anderson, who built cycle trails on Armstrong's ranch and worked on Armstrong's bikes, was hired from an Austin, Texas, bike shop. He claims he saw a banned doping product in Armstrong's Spanish apartment. According to Luke David LLC, Armstrong's personal services company, prior to the suit Anderson had demanded $500k, a signed Tour de France jersey and future endorsements to help him set up his own bike shop.

Bike shop owning wannabe makes fresh dope allegation against Armstrong

According to the Associated Press, Mike Anderson made the claim in a brief filed in state district court.

Lance Armstrong has said on many occasions that he has never taken any banned substances and is one of the most drug-tested athletes in the world.

Anderson alleges he was cleaning the bathroom of Armstrong’s Girona apartment in “early 2004” when he found a white box labelled with the trademark name “Androstenine, or something very close to this,” said Anderson

This is androgen, a listed banned substance.

“He was torn about what to do. He’s an honest guy opposed to doping in sports,” said Anderson’s attorney, Hal Gillespie. “[But] he was sure that if he confronted, he would be fired."

Associated Press reports that Gillespie said Anderson did not see Armstrong taking any banned substances.

Anderson started working for Armstrong in 2002 and was fired in 2004. Armstrong and his personal service company, Luke David LLC, sued Anderson shortly after he was fired, claiming Anderson demanded Armstrong pay him $500 000, give him a signed Tour de France jersey and provide endorsements to help him set up his own bike shop.

Anderson countersued, accusing Armstrong of fraud, breach of contract and causing him emotional distress.

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