Brilliant, inspirational & cute helmet-cam footage of a 4-year old mountain biking with his dad on US downhill course

[VIDEO] “I loved it, dad!”

This is a must-watch video, and will definitely go viral outside of the world of mountain biking. It features a fun-loving four year old on a New Hamphire downhill course.

Little Malcolm shouts "I’m doing it! I did it, dad! I loved it!"

This is endearing, but Malcolm is also set to become a star because of his unintended, cute asides.

"Can you see well?" asks his dad at one stopping point. "No, I don’t need to pee," replies Malcolm.

The little rider isn’t seen in the film, the video was shot from a GoPro strapped to Malcolm’s Kali helmet. But he’s clearly an accomplished rider, and brave, too.

"It’s fun, dad, trust me! You wouldn’t be afraid of doing that!"

The video put on 100,000 views overnight.

GoPro has now seen the video and added this comment to YouTube:

"And THAT is what GoPros are made for! You gave us goosebumps! Fantastic video, what a cool record of an awesome event in your son’s life. What an amazing thing for him to be able to revisit and remember just how brave he was, and how much fun he had! Yeah!"

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