Peter Eland's York-based, internationally-available, alternatives-in-cycling magazine has produced an eight-page guide to special needs cycles. This PDF download is a supplement to the special needs guide found in VeloVision issue 11.

VeloVision produces PDF guide to special needs cycles

"As promised in Issue 11, we’ve made our eight-page guide – plus extra content – available online in the hope that it’ll be a useful resource for people of all abilities who would like to cycle," said Eland.

The eight-page Buyer’s Guide, plus an additional two pages of special-needs related content from past issues of the magazine, gives an overview of the special needs cycling field. It runs through all of the different types of bike available, gives examples, and lists resources for further information and advice. It draws together special needs cycles and ideas from around the world.

The PDF can be downloaded from…/

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