Velocomp announces PowerPod improvements

Velocomp has released a free Firmware 6.21 update, which includes improved calibration accuracy and added framework for aerodynamic measurements.

Notable advancements to the PowerPod firmware include an optional out-and-back calibration ride, which fine-tunes wind and power measurement. The ride is enabled through Velocomp’s free Isaac software for PC/Mac.

The update also includes proprietary aerodynamic algorithms enabling PowerPod’s Real World Wind Tunnel upgrade, which is slated for a Q1 2017 launch. Any cyclists owning a PowerPod will be able to measure aerodynamic data on their bike with the aid of a Direct Force Power Meter. 

“We believe that the demands of the 21st century competitive cyclist exceed the capabilities of 20th century power measurement,” said Velocomp VP of sales and marketing Phillip Lucas.

“With update 6.21, we prove again that our patented, disruptive technology provides more insightful cycling data than possible with traditional strain gauge power technology.” 

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