Dick Cheney’s office thanked the US importer of the Pedal & Power dynamo phone recharger back in July. The company had supplied Cheney with the recharger after it was revealed that the second most powerful man in America was recuperating from his heart problems by cycling. Now the man himself has sent his thanks. Great PR potential…

US vice president thanks dynamo phone charger company

The Pedal & Power dynamo phone recharger, featured first on bikebiz.co.uk, is now exported to America and the US importer, noting Dick Cheney’s preference for pedal power, sent him one of the dynamo units.

A week ago the company received an official thank you from Cheney.

The letter – shown above – is not exactly an endorsement as such but for sure there’s mileage in printing the thing in future promotional literature. And all for the price of a stamp…


31st July article about the Dick Cheney thanks from his office, but not him personally:


Original Pedal & Power story from Sept. 2000:



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