Jim Walker & Co has been selling Spanish-made John Luck road and MTB shoes for the last couple of months and with the 2002 range launch will be unveiling some, ahem, racy adverts. As with the recent Shimano XTR story, please don't click in to this story if you are easily offended by images of women with no clothes on...

Road mags set to get raunchy ads from Jim Walker

John Luck shoes are "bloody good" Jim Walker told bikebiz.co.uk today.

They’re pro quality yet start at £29.95 retail and top out at £75 retail.

Jim Walker & Co has placed them in 50 or so IBDs so far but the product line has yet to make it into the company’s catalogue. When it does – and when a consumer advertising campaign breaks – Jim Walker expects the stockist list to go up to about 120 IBDs.

Currently, Jim Walker & Co. import five road shoes and two MTB shoes.

The 2002 range will be available in December.

Across Europe, John Luck shoes are promoted with some rather risque advertising images. The ones displayed here are from last year’s print campaign. Taking his cue from these, Jim Walker has commissioned some UK-sourced photography of the shoes. He won’t reveal exact details, suffice to say the photography is a tad more X-rated than is usual for road shoe adverts but, natch, will all be in the best possible taste.

Racy John Luck ads will start appearing in Cycling Weekly and Cycle Sport, and other titles, from the January issues onwards.


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