National Geographic's maps will now be available on the Satmap GPS unit, suitable for walkers and cyclists

US topo maps placed on Brit GPS

National Geographic Maps of the US and Satmap Systems of the UK have partnered to launch the Active 10 TREK GPS unit for sale in the US.

The content offered on Satmap devices will include the complete line of National Geographic outdoor recreation maps, including the TOPO! USGS topographic map series, the AdventureMap series of international adventure travel maps, and, for the first time on any GPS, National Geographic’s Trails Illustrated series of maps for national parks, national forests and many popular recreation areas. National Geographic maps will be available via $99 SD-Cards.

Satmap Systems of the UK produces the rugged, waterproof Active 10 GPS unit which can be attached to handlebars. This has a 3.5 inch screen and uses Ordnance Survey maps in the UK, and leading topo maps in other European countries.

Richard Calthrop-Owen, managing director of Satmap Systems, said:

“We are really excited about launching into the US, especially with such a globally respected brand as National Geographic. This alliance is good news for everyone who spends time in the great outdoors, and this is a major product first. The Active 10 TREK, combined with the superb National Geographic map data, gives users the freedom to focus on the enjoyment of their sport rather than worrying about location. Accurate navigation is an essential part of enjoying the outdoors, and this quality of map detail will help users to keep on track and stay safe.”

Charlie Regan, general manager and vice president, National Geographic Maps, said:

“National Geographic prides itself on publishing the best maps, whether for outdoor recreation, education, travel or reference. We are pleased to announce this alliance with Satmap and are eager to see outdoor enthusiasts and professionals begin using the Active 10 TREK to guide them on their adventures. Satmap’s sterling reputation and the critical acclaim that their Active 10 has garnered in Europe made the decision to partner, as they expand into the US market, an easy one.”

Fourteen TOPO! USGS-based SD Map Cards will be available at launch, covering many popular outdoor recreation states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, the Mid-Atlantic region, Montana, Nevada, New England, New Mexico, North and South Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. SD Map Cards for the remaining states and regions will be released in the first quarter of 2011. Three additional Trails Illustrated SD Map Cards also will be part of the initial offering, covering California’s Sierra Nevada, the Southern Appalachians and America’s “Greatest National Parks.” New Trails Illustrated Map Cards featuring some of the most important recreational areas in the country will be available in the coming months.

The SD cards ill be available in the US immediately and available in the UK from by the end of this month.

Satmap’s Helen Calthrop-Owen said:

"There’s obviously some phenomenal cycling and mountain biking in the US. The maps won’t be sold via retailers initially but the availability of top quality US mapping will boost Active 10 sales through retailers."

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