US industry veterans Skip Hess & Steve Boehmke pair on Clear Bicycle

Industry PR veteran Steve Boehmke has started promoting Clear Bicycle Company, a new keenly-priced bike and accessories brand started by industry veteran Skip Hess. Clear will offer bikes and packaged parts at "unheard of margins," said Boehmke.

Hess has previously had executive and specc’ing roles with Giant, Schwinn, Mongoose and more, and, says Boehmke, has "unrivaled relationships garnered with the best suppliers in Taiwan."

Based in Julian, California, Clear has a tight range of complete bikes, and branded accessories.

At Interbike, Hess was one of the industry experts to speak at an event titled "How to Reduce Delivery Time to Market and Manage Minimum Order Requirements in a Slowing Demand Market."

Pertinent to the launch of the new brand, this seminar was promoted thus:

"As the Internet revolution continues to offer instant gratification to users of all levels, the bicycle industry has to find ways to respond to consumer demand with equal speed. The long delivery times that we’ve been forced to become accustomed to are making it more and more difficult to satisfy the retail and consumer requests."

The seminar also discussed time-to-market, payment terms and options and supplier management to help steer the US bike industry to a "healthier future."

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