£695 electric bike has replacement batteries for just £150; Trade comments on the bike

UPDATED: ‘Low price’ Honda e-bike comes to market

Bike and Batterys, Peterborough e-bike specialist, is bringing Honda’s Kushi electric bike to market at a price it says is ‘ultra competitive’.

The simple singlespeed lead acid battery-powered, twist-and-go electric bike is aimed at the 50-plus e-bike
buyer, and comes with a significant two year warranty.

Bike and Batterys, sole importer of the Kushi, said: “With many of the new electric bikes being offered in the market ranging in price from £1,200 to £2,400, and replacement batteries anything from £400 and up, we’ve introduced the Honda Kushi electric bike to the UK market at an ultra-low retail price of £695, and replacement batteries for less than £150.”

Bikes and Batterys MD Berni Commerford added: “The typical electric bike buyer is over 50 and looking for a low cost form of transport, but the type of electric bikes being offered in the market today at £1,200 plus and replacement lithium batteries at more than £400 cannot be classed as low cost. The Honda is the perfect bike for someone looking for a reliable daily runabout. No bells and whistles on this bike, just a well-built product from a world renowned manufacturer offering good solid value for money, with low running costs.”

Commerford added: “We have trialled this Honda in a few of our dealers over the last 12 months and both sales and reliability have been first class. In fact we have not had one mechanical or electrical failure to date.”
The Honda Kushi is currently being supplied to around 20 UK dealers.

More details are available via mail@bblimited.plus.com, or on 01780 783395.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, Dahon’s global sales and marketing director Eddie Eccleston has commented on this article.

He said: "The piece mentions that the bike is low cost, single speed and open throttle.

"To have open throttle bikes on the market they would need to be "Typed Approved" (not an inexpensive approval) and in the UK that would also mean it would require the rider to use a Motor Bike crash helmet when riding, have insurance cover and a licence. The bike would also require rear view mirrors, foot rests for the non existing passenger and a grab handle on the seat for the none existing passenger too. There are other regulations relating to "Type approved vehicles that includes such things as tyres and marking on critical safety parts showing that they too have been typed approved" (not many of those in the bike business).

"Hence, it is considered by the majority in our industry as to be a non-starter with the public. That is why we have more expensive types in the market place as to ensure the e bikes of 250 watts and a speed no greater than 25kph are not considered as a "low performance moped" as open throttle bikes are at this time.

"So, Bike and Batterys, Peterborough have not found a market winner that no one else has ever come across. But, others have some knowledge of the regulations relating to classification of bikes that are mortised.

I am not trying to stop the company from making a living but the article reads as if the rest of the industry knows little about the possible opportunities, that is not the case."

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