Two wheel disc products from China are being marketed by two different companies. One of the wheel discs lights up, the other is decorative and can be customised in corporate colours and designs.

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Bikedisc products from China ( are now being made available by Bikedisc Company UK. The line-up includes football discs, yin-yang discs and other exotic designs, with screen-printing customisation an option. shows a prospective design for a Bike Week disc.

The ABS plastic discs can cover the full wheel or just a portion, and can revolve with the wheel or a central logo can be kept static to improve brand recognition. The discs come fitted with retro-reflective dots and are available in six sizes to fit most wheel diameters.

The retail price for standard designs is £4.99 with a minimum order quantity of 200.

Custom orders generally require a minimum of 1000 pieces and take 30 days.


The Wheel-Wizard from Gablemere Ltd is also sourced from China and is a plastic disc fitted with a multitude of LEDs, powered not with batteries but with a magnetic coil action. There’s no drag, but lots of pyrotechnic effects as the wheel spins.

The disc for a child’s wheel costs £24.99 retail, and it’s £29.99 for the adult version.

Gablemere is exhibiting at the BA’s International Cycle Convention, Harrogate, 26-28th May.Tel: 01905 779922

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