, one of the main Taiwanese trade web portals, has had no news updates since March 7th. Aussie news editor Stephen Jack has left and a Bikexpo spokesman said the site is being relaunched, possibly as a product site only. Is this another example of Taiwanese belt-tightening?

Taiwanese trade portal moves and ceases news updates

Stephen Jack seems to think so:

"The state of affairs in the industry and in Taiwan generally now is quite bleak," he told

"Everything is tougher now."

In mid-March the Bikexpo office in Taichung was closed and the HQ was moved to be within the bike assembly plant of Bikexpo’s owner, George Lin, president of Pacific Cycles.

Jack, vice president of marketing and editor since Bikexpo’s inception in March 2000, said he was without a job because he was not willing to move to a new location two hours drive away. He will now be available for consultancy work in Taiwan and China for overseas buyers.

Max Yeh of Pacific Cycles Inc. said a new version of the site was being designed "and will be announced in the mid of April, we work very hard on it now."

It’s not yet decided whether the site will feature news stories, as it has done since launch.

Yeh said: "Bikexpo is product-oriented marketplace and we are still discussing how to keep the news going."

There will be no replacement for Stephen Jack.



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