Bobbies on the beat in Glossop, Bristol and Northallerton are turning to electric bicycles

UK Police forces see the electric bike light

Juicy Bike is providing one of its latest Sport electric bikes as a loan bike to Glossop Police Station for officers assessing the potential for use of electric bikes within the Derbyshire Police force.

Glossop’s constabulary are far from the first to consider incorporating a fleet of electric bikes.

Five officers at Bristol’s Trinity Road Police Station have been using Juicy’s Sport model for over two years and helped pin down the best bike for the job. They initially trialled three e-bike brands before settling on Juicy Bike, picked out for lightness, performance (on hills and acceleration), comfort and price. 

Despite not finding funding for the project, four of the five officers went on to purchase Juicy Bikes privately for use in their daily routine.

“As a concept in a policing environment the electric bike has proved to be a great success,” explained Bristol Police Officer Ben Andreas. “Users all agree that being able to be mobile on a bicycle for a whole shift without getting tired is a wonderful way to get around. Longer distances can be covered without getting hot and sweaty.”

North Yorkshire Officers at Northallerton Police Station have also successfully trialled Juicy Bikes. Feedback from officers has been used to shape the current production range of bikes.

Juicy Bike director Bob Wales added: “This informed design input has given an invaluable return for our investment.

“We are very happy that the opportunity to work with a more local force has arisen and look forward to future co-operation with Derbyshire Police.”

Peak District electric bike firm Juicy Bike have been supplying electric bikes nationwide for five years.

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