The UCI official who is calling for the ban on ear-pieces, jersey-mikes and back-pocket transceivers is Jean Wauthier, the same official who rubbed the bike trade up the wrong way by freezing road-bike design and banning go-faster components.

UCI proposes radio ban for riders

For Wauthier’s previous contributions to the world of bicycle racing see the links below. reports that the proposal to ban the use of ear radios in racing is likely to ope up a whole new wr of words with the UCI.

Wauthier is reported to have saidf: "The riders have less say, it’s as if they were robots. And the riders are more easily distracted. The earpiece came for safety, but Kivilev still crashed when his transmitter worked. And team directors can no longer drive the cars because they are continually screaming instructions."

Quick.Step-Davitamon manager Patrick Lefevere told Dutch newspaper Het Nieuwsblad: "The earphones have to stay in cycling. We are against prohibiting the device; nobody wants it to go. In the race you are confronted more and more with roundabouts, dangerous points, narrow roads and so on. Compared to ten years ago, so many things have changed. There’s no way back."

Wauthier’cs claim that riders concentrate less is met with derision by Lefevere:

"That’s another bright thought from someone who’s never in the race itself. Wauthier is also the man who wants to stop the evolution of the bike."

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