UCI now using Shimano TEC courses in World Cycling Centre mechanics’ training programme

UCI and its World Cycling Centre (WCC) will enhance their mechanics’ training programme in 2022 thanks to Shimano’s Technology Education and Certification training courses.

Shimano will provide tutorials and instruction videos from February that will be delivered by UCI experts to mechanics worldwide. Its contribution to the training programme also strengthens the company’s partnership with UCI, which dates back to 1999.

“With this enhanced aspect of our partnership with the UCI, we are able to contribute to increasing the number of high skilled, professional bike mechanics around the world,” said Myron Walraven, head of Shimano Europe sports marketing. “Furthermore, we are able to support the behind-the-scenes heroes and, indirectly, provide a quality cycling experience for young and old, and amateurs and professionals around the world.”

The UCI’s WCC Mechanics’ courses are aimed at people wishing to pursue a career as a mechanic. The programme is divided into three levels: Level 1 is a three-day introductory course that can be completed online, Level 2 is a two-week course for developing mechanics who must attend in person, and Level 3, also two weeks and in person, is for experienced mechanics who will be working for teams or their National Federation.

In 2021, 60 mechanics were trained across the three levels at courses delivered by UCI experts at its headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland (32), in Cairo, Egypt (16) and in Luoyang, China (12). For 2022, Shimano has created specific videos that will be used for the Level 1 course. Participants of the two more advanced courses will have access to existing videos on the Shimano TEC platform.

UCI WCC director Vincent Jacquet said: “The professionalisation of people working in cycling is one of our missions, and by providing access to their training videos, Shimano is helping us ensure that mechanics worldwide will be trained to the highest possible level.”

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Participants in the UCI WCC courses learn skills such as bike building, wheel building, maintenance, servicing, race preparation and position on the bike. Numerous former attendees have gone on to work for their National Federations, professional teams, local clubs or have set up their own bike shops.

Hundreds of participants are expected to benefit from the mechanics training programme in 2022, with ten courses scheduled over the three levels.

For more information about Shimano’s TEC courses, dealers should contact their local distributor.

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