BikeBiz’s guide to the latest in bike security

BikeBiz takes a look at the latest in bike security from some of the leading brands in the sector, including Kryptonite, Zéfal, Pinhead, LifeLine, Oxford, AXA, Muc-Off, Seatylock, Abus, Squire, Hiplok and Walkers Cycles

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KryptoniteEvolution Mini-7 With Flex

Distributor: Madison

Versatile security with a 13mm steel shackle and double deadbolt crossbar. Sold Secure Gold.

KryptoniteNew York Std

Distributor: Madison

Ultimate security with a 16mm steel shackle and double deadbolt crossbar. Sold Secure Gold.

Zéfal K-Traz U17 Shackle Lock with Cable

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

A tough Sold Secure Gold shackle lock and a flexible yet strong cable with a tough vinyl cover to protect your bike. The Hardened Steel shackle comes with a frame mounting kit and the 1200mm flexible twisted steel wire cable to secure your bike.

PinheadCity Lock Pack

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

A complete anti-theft system for your whole bike. Unlike traditional locks, with Pinhead, you can now protect specific components on your bike from theft. The unique Pinhead key system means that, unlike competitor locks of this type, they cannot be removed with a simple screwdriver. Comes with a 40x14mm rigid steel City Lock, Locking QR Skewers, Locking Seat Clamp and the unique keys specifically designed and unique for each pack.

LifeLine Steel Chain Lock

Distributor: Hotlines

A solid steel chain and a key-lock cylinder combine to make the LifeLine Steel Chain Lock a hefty but highly secure lock. It is easily storable and is flexible enough to loop around any bike parking rail or lamppost.  A tough fabric cover protects the chain from the elements and prevents damage to your bike’s paintwork, whilst an anti-dust cover protects the lock cylinder. Built to last, this is an ideal lock for the city commuter or countryside explorer.

OxfordChain 12

Distributor: Oxford

The Chain 12 is a maximum-security, heavy-duty chain lock and is part of Oxford’s Advanced Accessories. This Chain 12 has undergone rigorous independent testing and has Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond.

AXAFold Ultra 90

Distributor: Raleigh UK

Fold, click, go! As a Sold Secure Gold lock with a safety level of 14, the AXA Fold Ultra lets you lock your bike anywhere in complete confidence. Features flexible joints for attaching, constructed from hardened steel to resist cutting and pulling, and with a dust cover protecting the cylinder from degradation. The folding lock comes with a newly designed one-push click bracket for effortless locking and unlocking. Thanks to an anti-rattle mechanism, a quiet ride is ensured.

AXAFoldable 800

Distributor: Raleigh UK

This foldable Sold Secure Silver lock is formed of hardened steel in the perfect size to lock your bike to almost any fixed object with multiple pivot points over the lock. The cylinder is protected from moisture and dirt by a cover to extend its lifespan. The international online key service offers you the opportunity to order a spare key at any time. Featuring a mountable holder for easy transportation on the move.

Muc-OffMuc-Off Secure Tag Holder

Distributor: Direct

A protective case that houses the Apple Air Tag on your bottle cage mount.  A discreet bike fixture that can provide fast traceability for stolen bikes. Locate it and share the location with police to see bikes reunited with their owners. Available in 12 colours options.


Distributor: i-ride

The stout Mason U-lock has been updated by Seatylock and is now available in four shackle lengths; each has an unconventional shape for minimal weight and maximum security. The two smaller sizes use a unique 17mm thick triangulated shackle. The longer length variants, ideal for locking up multiple bikes at once, use a patented 15.3mm thick pentagonal shackle. The Mason lock has been awarded a Sold Secure Diamond rating with a twist attack proof double deadbolt crossbar locking mechanism, secured by an anti-drilling key cylinder. Durability is ensured with rust-resistant steel while the dampened bracket design cuts out rattling noises. 

Abus Bordo 6500A Smart X

Distributor: Extra UK

The new Bordo 6500A SmartX folding lock is the next level of high-tech bicycle security. The 5.5mm bars and rivets are made of specially hardened steel and use ABUS’ Link Protection Shield to deter even the most determined attacks. The lock is opened with an innovative encrypted Bluetooth connection paired to your smartphone and features a 100dB alarm to deter attacks further. These features help give the lock the Gold level Sold Secure rating for the utmost protection.

AbusWCH Chain

Distributor: Extra UK

The new wall chain and anchor system neatly integrate into a high-security system for bicycle storage at home or at the workplace. Not only is the system safer, more cost-effective and easier to use than separate anchors and chains, the WCH can also be built to match an existing XPlus key code. The WCH chain is available in 110cm and 130cm lengths along with a twin chain version to secure multiple bikes.

Litelok – Litelok Core

Distributor: Direct

Litelok Core is the ultimate portable lock for high-value bikes and e-bikes. Offering maximum security, when locking for long periods of time or in high-risk areas. It exceeds the highest rating of Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and ART 3. Up to 50% lighter than comparable security chains and locks, starting at just 1.9kg. The patented layered technology includes a high tensile core and a steel exoskeleton that not only absorbs energy from attack but can flex around and through a bike and fixed object to provide whole bike protection. Includes: Frame mounts and Universal Wearable Kit. Available in 2 lengths.

Squire Stronghold 65 Lock and Chain

Distributor: Ison Distribution

Squire’s Stronghold 65 Lock and Chain takes cycle security to the ultimate level. Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond approved security, recommended for e-bikes and all high-end cycles. Features include an incredibly tough 14mm hardened boron steel shackle, hardened steel lock body, 6-pin cylinder with over 250,000 key differs, ultra-secure restricted key system and personal key card to prevent unauthorised copying of keys. Stronghold is universally recognised as Squire’s most trusted maximum security brand and represents the best in British made locks.

HiplokHiplok DX

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Strong and practical, the Hiplok DX is the lightest bike lock to carry Sold Secure’s new maximum Diamond rating. Its 14mm premium hardened steel shackle and double anti-rotational locking combine to keep your bike safe. Weighing just over 1kg and with Hiplok’s patented CLIP+RIDE system which fits belts and bag straps, it’s also easy to take on your ride.

Walkers CyclesWalkers Cycles Locks Range

Distributor: Walkers Cycle Components

Our Walkers Cycles range of locks proves that you can still get quality products without breaking the bank. The full range includes a hardened steel U-Lock, 2x Coiled 12mm Locks (one Combi and one Keyed), an 8mm Coiled Combi Lock and a 6mm Coiled Key Lock. We designed these Locks based on our customer’s feedback and their individual requirements and are very proud of how well they’ve been received on the market!


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