TRP launches 12-speed shifter and derailleur

TRP is expanding its product line with a new 12-speed shifter and derailleur.

The two TRP drivetrain systems, TR12 and DH7, are the results of a development relationship with five-time DH World Cup Overall Champion Aaron Gwin and his personal mechanic John Hall, along with the input given from Team Intense, Scott DH, Commencal 100% and YT Mob.

One key drivetrain feature the new TR12 derailleur has is the Hall Lock – a lever integrated into the derailleur mount which locks the movement of the B-knuckle around the mounting bolt when closed. The Hall Lock can be opened to remove the rear wheel or closed to balance the stability and security of the system while deflecting impacts.

A second key TR12 derailleur feature is an adjustable ratchet-style clutch. “Depending on the suspension layout of the bike, there can be different amounts of chain growth,” said a statement. “This is why the team designed adjustability into TRP’s ratchet-style clutch. If a rider wants to free up the system, they can back off the clutch to balance pedal feedback with chain retention. This provides the ‘ultimate’ personalised feel as the drivetrain works in unison with the suspension set-up and riding style.”

Why does TRP only offer shifter and derailleur for 12-speed systems?
This is the first step to enter the drivetrain category and TRP says it feels there is already a well-established range of cassettes and chains available. Riders will have the chance to build their preferred package around TR12.

TR12 rear derailleur
“The new TR12 rear derailleur is able to provide a quiet and accurate ride over the roughest trails. The key feature to this pursuit is the Hall Lock. During the Race season, lead mechanic for Intense Factory Racing, John Hall, noticed excessive movement around the b-knuckle when riding over rough rock gardens and in tracked out corners. This was leading to more chain skipping and slapping creating possible variances in shifting. This inspired John’s idea to lock the B-knuckle to the bike’s derailleur hanger. TRP engineers worked closely with Hall to create this feature, The Hall Lock.

“The function is integrated into the derailleur. When working on the derailleur or changing the wheel, the Hall Lock is opened. Closed while riding, the derailleur is locked to the frame and thus stabilized in the roughest conditions. This feature maintains accuracy in shifting and superb chain retention by not allowing the derailleur to rotate excessively away from the cassette. Its clamping force can be adjusted to balance stability and security while the derailleur deflects impact.

“A second ‘ride-control’ feature is an adjustable Ratchet Style Clutch, keeping tension on the chain through the movement of a bikes travel. With many different frame and suspension options, there has never been a greater need for a component’s adaptability. The clutch has integrated adjustability, effectively providing the individual balance between pedal feedback and chain retention for your bikes chain growth.”

Features and benefits:
– Hall Lock
– G-Spec Ratchet Clutch
– G-Spec finishing touches:
— Carbon fibre cage and upper link
— Extra-wide parallelogram pivot
— Sealed cartridge bearings pulleys

TR12 shifter
“Ergonomics are key to Aaron, which is why he wanted something a little different. As a result, TRP engineers looked at the cable release lever’s ergonomics and devised a system to move it in a linear path to mimic the motion of a rider’s thumb, rather than rotating it away. This unique positioning allows for a more consistent contact patch providing overall better grip and shifting performance when the trail gets rowdy.”

Features and benefits:
– Shift levers designed and located for optimum performance by Aaron Gwin
– New linear actuation for improved ergonomics and consistent thumb contact
– Enhanced grip and tactile feel built into lever paddles: embossed grooves on advance and release lever
– Carbon fibre upper housing and advance lever
– Ball-bearing equipped
– 12-speed
– Tool-free straight lace cable changes
– Rider adjustable home position of lower lever with a 40-degree range

UK pricing for TRP’s new TR12:
– Shifter with rear mech £330
– Rear mech only £240
– Shifter only £120

Pre-orders are now live from UK distributor Upgrade Bikes.

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