Restrap partners with CHPT3 for new collection

Restrap has partnered with CHPT3 to create a new limited run of products.

Three Restrap products, the Canister Bag, Tool Roll, and classic Musette Bag, have been screen printed by hand and precision laser cut in-house with the unique CHPT3 Devesa pattern, a disruptive design which is based on the bark from the trees in Girona. The Devesa pattern is screen printed in reflective ink, aiding the visibility of the rider in low light conditions.

The collection is due for release on 25th May 2020.

“For us at CHPT3, the real attraction to working with Restrap has been the effort they put into learning and doing things themselves,” said CHPT3’s David Millar. “From the start that’s what they’ve done. It’s exciting and aligns perfectly with our own ethos: we’re all learning together and recognising how important it is to take responsibility for the things that we produce and the way we work. Restrap is so specialised in their field, they understand the need to doing things the right way – that takes effort and the right people – we’re proud to call them partners.

“The CHPT3 audience is really diverse – we’ve got committed city riders on their Bromptons to pure roadies and gravel lovers – often the same people but using bikes in different parts of their lives. These products really cross over all three of these usages so simply and so well. It’s a prime example of the change in direction that we’re taking with CHPT3, compiling all of our learnings and applying this to increasingly tactile, purposeful products.”

Canister Bag
“Made from textured nylon and with a top YKK zip, the spacious, yet compact Canister Bag is the ideal accompaniment for day rides and is the perfect balance between form and function. Elasticated side pockets and the unique canister shape mean you’ll easily have room for tools, technology, and extra clothes. The Devesa disruptive pattern is screen printed by hand in reflective ink, aiding visibility in low light conditions. For early mornings or later evenings, the Canister Bag also has a Hypalon loop to attach a front light. Handmade in our Yorkshire based workshop.”

Retail price guide: £54.99/€65.99/$82.99

Musette Bag
“Made from waterproof PU coated Nylon and lined with 6oz waterproof coated nylon, our musettes are durable and reliable. The Devesa disruptive pattern is screen printed by hand in reflective ink, aiding visibility at night. Double popper fasteners keep everything secure, whilst an adjustable shoulder strap tailors the bag to any user. Handmade in our Yorkshire based workshop.”

Retail price guide: £29.99/€35,99/$44.99

Tool Roll
“The roll contains four tool slots and an elastic strap for any size tube. Precision laser cut and engraved Devesa pattern on tough Hypalon material, this tool roll is spacious yet small. It accommodates a multitool, tyre levers, CO2 cartridges, as well as containing a spare pouch for chain links and other parts. Attach to your saddle rails with an easy-to-use magnetic strap, or remove the strap and slip discreetly inside your jersey pocket.”

Retail price guide: £39.99/€47.99/$59.99

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