Bike rack at Abergavenny station. Photo: Transport Wales

Transport Wales to provide hundreds of cycle parking spaces

Transport Wales is set to provide hundreds of cycle parking spaces at stations in England and Wales.

The impact of the current COVID-19 crisis has increased the demand for more active travel facilities to encourage frontline workers to walk and cycle on core routes. As part of the Station Improvement Vision, Transport Wales will, over the next few years, create hundreds of cycle parking spaces at 247 stations.

Transport Wales will work closely with partners including Sustrans Cymru and local authorities across Wales to make these improvements.  The first scheme was completed in Llanelli earlier this year with the installation of 16 new cycle cycles and the refurbishment of Abergavenny station, replacing the five existing bicycles with 20 new cycle cages.

In addition, Transport Wales will update the existing cycle store making it more accessible and safe.

Deputy Transport Minister Lee Waters said: “We need to make journeys as smooth as possible – having excellent access and walking and cycling facilities is an important part of this. We are still working towards a better-integrated transport network, and this is another positive step. COVID-19 has seen more people cycling and I hope to see this continue once travel restrictions can be relaxed.”

James Price, CEO of Transport Wales, added: “At Transport Wales, we always aim to transform transport for the people of Wales and improve the customer experience. We are creating a fully integrated transport network and active travel is a key part of this. We are working with our partners to create more active travel routes and have already begun to increase cycle storage at our stations.

“COVID-19 has had a direct impact on public transport and active travel will play a very important role in how we get to know ourselves and how people will move around in the future.”

Ryland Jones, deputy director of Sustrans Cymru, said: “We welcome this scheme which supports people who use train services for longer journeys but who want to use active travel modes to and from the station as part of that journey. This means that local cycleway networks can be used more effectively as part of an integrated transport system.

“People are worried that someone will damage or steal their bikes and we know that this prevents many from using the bike on shorter regular journeys. So knowing that there are safe and secure parking spaces available at the railway station is a great way to help regular cyclists, especially key workers at this time, and to encourage new cyclists.”

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