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Track a 25-mile ride with free air-quality app, get £5 Amazon voucher

As a way of promoting his CleanSpace air-quality app Lord Drayson will give you a £5 Amazon voucher for a 25 mile bike ride*. The offer is available until the end of February.

The Lord of Tech is a very rich man, and now wants to use some of his millions to clean up the air. Drayson Technolgies makes the CleanSpace "tag", a personal air-quality monitor. This syncs with the CleanSpace smartphone app (in truth, it works best on iOS) and gives you a hyper-local read-out of the pollution you’re breathing in every day.

Yesterday on a 64-mile ride I was able to see just how much gunk was in the air in the centre of Newcastle, and how much was in the air in deepest Northumberland – it should come as no surprise that the cold clean air of Hadrian’s Wall country didn’t generate any pollution spikes. The monitor harvests power from wifi to power itself (the tech is a Drayson Technologies innovation called Freevolt), and measures carbon monoxide, which is said to be a proxy for other in-air nasties.

The CleanSpace app isn’t perfect. It tracked me for only 49 of yesterdays 64 miles but at least I qualified for a £5 Amazon voucher. 

The £5-Amazon-voucher-for-25-miles-ridden offer also works without the tag.

Lord Drayson clearly wants the CleanSpace app to go viral. Recommend it to five friends and once they’ve completed their first "CleanMile" you get a £10 Amazon voucher. Go to "join us" on the CleanSpace app or on the website and use my voucher code BVUHUC. Once you’re a member generate your own code. Pyramid scheme? Sorta, but it’s to get people out there cycling, walking and running so it’s a force for good.

Rack up 25 miles between now and 29th February and you’ll get a voucher. (I used mine to get a fiver off the DVD of Bill the Movie.)

Some of Lord Drayson riches have come through motorsports. CleanSpace is his way of off-setting the air quality issues he’s been responsible for via Drayson Racing Technology.

I’ll do a fuller review of the CleanSpace tag once I’ve used it in London a few more times – riding in rural Northumberland isn’t making any dramatic peaks on the in-app air-quality graphs.

* A note of caution: the app, for me at least, doesn’t record your track in real-time, it lags before it uploads the data. The £5 Amazon voucher offer cannot be seen on the CleanSpace website, it’s an in-app thing – in the bonus section – and finishes at the end of February. However, this section of the app is constantly refreshed with new offers. The ride/walk/run for 25 miles offer doesn’t seem to kick in until you’ve used the app for a bit. 

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