Tour organiser Jean-Marie Leblanc has been in London this week for the press conference launching the Paris-London 'race', reported by last week. Leblanc also brought with him a delegation from ASO, the Tour's organising company, fuelling speculation that ASO has chosen London for a Tour start in 2007, trumping Lugano, Florence and Rotterdam, and pleasing Olympics-fixated Ken Livingstone, London's mayor.

Tour de France for London in 2007?

At the paris-London Entente Cordiale press conference Leblanc refused to say ‘oui’ to the ‘London 2007’ question.

But the cycling high-ups present at the function, staged at French Ambassador’s residence in Kensington, were more forthcoming, nodding and winking in the direction of a firm ‘yes’.

The Entente Cordiale ride enters Britain at Dover – via P&O Ferries – and reaches London via Rochester Castle.

It would make some sense for this to be the route of one of the stages in any 2007 Tour start for Britain, albeit from London to Dover.

Whilst Leblanc wasn’t specific on dates, he was adamant that any Tour start in Britain would be just a prologue and the first stage.

The final decision on London 2007 will be made in 2005.

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