Seen show schmoozing were Tyler, Phil, Gilberto and even Lance...

Celeb spotting at Interbike

Lance Camisasca, the Interbike organiser, that is.

The ‘other Lance’ is currently riding Bristol Myer-Squibb’s Tour of Hope charity bike ride across the US so was unable to make it to Interbike.

Lance Camisasca led Thursday’s inaugural Interbike bike ride, created by Scott’s Scott Montgomery. Thirty or so roadies (and Joshua Hon on his folding Dahon) went for an hour’s spin on the murderous roads of Las Vegas.

In the show hall, Phil Liggett was here as usual. And, as usual, there were the usual long queues to get the CTC president’s autograph.

Tyler Hamilton was also in very high demand, flitting from sponsor’s booth to sponsor’s booth, happy to be popular.

On the Cannondale booth, Gilberto Simoni was photographed with loads of bike shop owners and staff. Two bikes were set up in front of a sprint finish backdrop and digital photographs taken of Simeoni and ‘guest’, with the resulting digi-pic printed out and presented within minutes.

The newest star of the show was Emma Ledbury from Warminster, England. Her autograph – scribbled on a poster of her behind – was in even higher demand than a handshake with Phil Liggett. Emma is the face – well, cheeks, anyway – of the new Limar advertising campaign.

She’s a model, based in Italy, and her bottom was chosen to represent the Italian helmet brand. She says this was her first bum-modelling job. The campaign will be used in those countries not afraid of showing a bit of skin in adverts.

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