Does red tape get in the way of your business?

Too much red tape in retail? Have your say…

As part of the Government’s war on excessive bureaucracy, the Red Tape Challenge site is asking for feedback on what areas could be improved on.

The Government is currently asked for feedback on the retail sector, which has been divided into a number of topics including; consumer information; restricted goods; weights and measures; vehicles, parts and fuel; ‘trading with the enemy’; Hallmarks; Sunday trading; and trading requirements.

The site has published all the regulations affecting the retail industry and as asking those in the sector to tell them what is working – and what isn’t – what could be simplified and what should be scrapped. The Government has then promised to start getting rid of red tape based on the feedback provided.

Retailers wishing to take part have to respond by May 5th.

Dr Kevin Hawkins OBE, former head of the BRC, is encouraging those in the retail sector to make their voices heard:

“The response so far has been outstanding, but make no mistake this is an opportunity that is too good to miss. For the first time the Government wants to hear from those at the sharp end of the complex, sometimes overwhelming, amount of regulation. Tell us about those rules that really waste your time and money or better still suggest ways of tackling the issues that will make life better for you and your customers.
“And with the burden of responsibility on Ministers to make a case to keep regulations, it’s your voice that will shape the decisions on the way we do business in the UK.”
There’s also chance to have your say on red tape in manufacturing from June 16th, and also on healthy living from June 23rd.

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