Trek, Marin, Saracen, Whyte, Genesis, Wilier, Ridgeback and Adventure

Bike brands get behind Bikesoup

Bikesoup, the new and used bicycle marketplace, has added a new fast upload feature to the site, supported by a number of leading bike brands.

The fast upload feature makes use of a database of 2011 bike specs and images provided by manufacturers and distributors, pre-populating adverts on the site and cutting down on the time spent uploading. Brands currently supporting the feature include Trek, Marin, Saracen, Whyte, Genesis, Wilier, Ridgeback and Adventure.

New IBDs using the site receive two months free unlimited advertising, as well as being able to upload a large shop inventory in a short space of time – around 100 bikes in under one hour, Bikesoup said. 

JP Saville, Quest Adventure said: "I have been using Bikesoup to market my bikes since they launched in late 2010 but found it time consuming writing the adverts and sourcing bike images. This fast new upload process resolves that issue and I’ll upload my full shop inventory up on the site at the first opportunity.

"It’s also fantastic to have endorsement from the leading bike brands and will help me gain new customers."

The fast upload feature can be found here for current Bikesoup advertisers. IBDs can also take advantage of cheap advertising rates once the two month free period ends (from 77p per bike), and will receive free bike listings on the Cycling Experts site.

To find out more head to There’s also more on how Bikesoup works with IBDs here.

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