New patented damper and spring blade combination embedded within fork legs

Time Activ fork ”removes 25-50 hertz vibration frequencies”

Time has revealed a newly developed carbon road fork that is said to remove vibrations between 25 to 50 hertz, ultimately benefitting the rider’s endurance.

Shown on Extra’s booth at the Cycle Show, the internals of the fork carry a damper and spring blade combination that is said to remove the vibration frequencies most detrimental to a rider’s longevity in the saddle. Time call the patented system a ‘tuned mass damper’ and in effect, the internal unit takes on the vibration so the rest of the fork doesn’t have to.

The firm state that the results offer 30% less vibration, though we’ve yet to receive an answer on what that figure is compared to. More on that to follow.

Time has the luxury of weaving its own carbon fibre products in-house using what we’re told are near perfect methods for developing a finished product with very little chance for inconsistencies.

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