Thousand Helmets releases anniversary range

Thousand Helmets is celebrating the company’s second anniversary with the debut of its new Epoch helmet line.

The new Epoch colors are Speedway Creme, Willowbrook Mint, and Nordic Wood, which is created by a color water dipped technology. Advanced features include vegan leather straps, copper hardware and the signature PopLock system that allows cyclists to easily lock the helmet to the bike as well as a magnetic buckle for a one-hand fastener that’s pinch-free.

“We wanted to tell our story authentically and felt that our second anniversary was an opportunity to progress our brand,” notes Thousand co-founder Gloria Hwang. “We believe that the story behind the product is as important as the product.”

Thousand is a member of the One Per Cent for the Planet Organization, proceeds raised go towards environmental causes that help create a healthier planet.

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