Strava reveals Global Bike to Work Day success

Strava has announced figures from its second Global Bike to Work Day, which took place on Thursday, May 11th.

A total of 276,818 commute activities were logged by 180,539 cyclists on Strava around the globe on May 11th. 76,191 cyclists completed the Strava Global Bike to Work Day Challenge, earning a digital badge in the process. Overall, Strava commuters logged a total of 5.3 million km on the day.

Strava introduced its Global Bike to Work Day in 2016 to show how uploading commutes to Strava can help urban planners to improve city infrastructure for cyclists. The initiative is called Strava Metro and it aggregates the millions of human-powered commutes uploaded to Strava every week. 160 million people already live in a city where Strava Metro partners with organisations and government agencies to improve commuting, including London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Oslo, Glasgow, Calgary and Portland.

Strava members from 170 different countries took part, producing a total carbon offset of 1,580 tons. This is the equivalent of 184,000 cars idling for an hour.

There was a 94 per cent increase in the number of cyclists on Strava who tagged a ride as a commute on Global Bike to Work Day vs the average weekday in April and May 2017.

The top countries by participation in Strava Global Bike to Work Day were:
United Kingdom

The top cities were:
London – 64 per cent increase vs 2016
Amsterdam – 16 per cent increase vs 2016
San Jose – 87 per cent increase vs 2016
San Francisco – 66 per cent increase vs 2016
Melbourne – 42 per cent increase vs 2016

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