LED spoke writers are getting more numerous. This new one from America can have data beamed to it from a PalmPilot PDA and as well as text messages can feature full-wheel patterns

This LED spoke writer can illuminate wheel patterns too

Hokey Spokes are LED ‘blades’ and these can display numerous computer-generated designs as well as user-programmable text messages that are seen as the wheel turns.

Once connected, the blades communicate design and timing information with each other using proprietary infrared communications. The designs can be set to change during riding or users can select to have a text message play all the time (which IBDs could use for attention-getting night-time window displays, or for mobile advertising).

Hokey Spokes lights are available in red, yellow, green, orange, blue and rainbow coloured versions. As more blades are used, the images appear brighter and more complete at lower speeds. Custom logos are also available directly through the manufacturer, Illumination Design Works. IDW also supplies motorized POS displays allowing retailers to display messages and text in their stores.

"I designed Hokey Spokes to solve the problem of side visibility," said Dave Hoch, president of Illumination Design Works.

"The spoke lights enable the rider to be seen from several hundred yards away in any direction. The bright and illuminating designs displayed during night time riding make Hokey Spokes not only safe but also fun and exciting to watch."

Hokey Spokes are designed to fit any mountain or road bike wheel having a wheel diameter of 24" or greater. A 20" BMX version will be available in the spring of 2003. Each Hokey Spoke blade retails for $29.95 – $39.95 depending on the colour.

Illumination Design Works has a stand at Interbike, #5447 (near BMX Zone).


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