Is it a case of poacher-turned-gamekeeper-turned-poacher? Ash was formerly the insurance replacements manager at Terry Wright Cycles but left for a similar post with Halfords. He stayed with Halfords for three years, massively boosting the chain's insurance replacement business. He started back at Terry Wright Cycles today, as general manager of the retail store and head of the business services division. PLUS: why have IBDs not leapt at the chance of getting some insurance replacement business of their own?

Nick Ash rejoins Terry Wright Cycles

Ash started with TWC as a shop staff member twelve years ago and worked for the company for nine years before being poached by Halfords. It was he (cue the hissing and booing from IBDs!) who created the Terry Wright Cycles insurance replacement business, boosting turnover from £750 000 in 1995 to £3.6m by 1999.

During his time at Halfords, Ash grew the insurance replacement business by a factor of ten. He returned to TWC because "Terry asked me to come back," said Ash.

"I’m planning to take the insurance replacements business to another level and will be exploring corporate opportunities."

The topic of insurance replacements, via TWC, Halfords or the other insurance replacement specialists, has long been a bone of contention with IBDs. Strange, then, that the company seeking to redress the balance for IBDs, as revealed by this site and later sewn up in an exclusive deal for ACT members, has reported a slower than expected take up.

Cycle Claims Management offers a scheme that is claimed to secure insurance retention rates of over 95 percent.

Clair Noon, pictured below, said at the ACT AGM that the CCM scheme was simple to operate and had clear benefits for IBDs and IBD customers but that take-up was well below expectations.

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