Then think again: Survey finds customers use a range of options when they buy their bike gear

Think cycle customers shop online only or just with their local IBD?

While some might assume that cyclists either only buy their cycle goods from online retailers, while others cyclists solely use their local IBDs or chain store, a survey – conducted by – has revealed cycle customers use more than one route to buying product.

The poll found that 91 per cent bought product online, 76 per cent used their local IBD to buy bicycle product and 43 per cent went to chain stores to make their cycle purchases.

F-At Media publishing director Simon Stansfield told BikeBiz: " users are your typical everyday rider and this survey has dispelled the myth about certain cyclists only buying product online. It has also highlighted how difficult it is to keep customers, when they have so many choices about how they buy product.

"Understanding customers’ motivation and behaviour is absolutely crucial for retailers and providing answers to the questions their potential customers need answering is how to start engaging and building a relationship with them that gives them a chance of acquiring that customer’s business," Stansfield added.

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