Before you know it the streets will be packed with stressed Christmas shoppers. So why not give the poor devils some options of what they can buy for their cycling loved ones for under £20?

Sector Guide: Stocking Filler options for bike retailers

Go Travel
For outdoor enthusiasts, this Karabiner Mug from Go Travel (RRP £5.99) is a handy option, made from durable stainless steel with a colourful Karabiner handle that makes it easy to pack or belt up.
The firm also offers a Speaker Case, priced at £19.99. The retro-styled Speaker Case simply plugs into any MP3 player or smartphone. According to the brand, they produce crystal clear music in the great outdoors.

A stocking filler stalwart, Park Tool has always offered a good selection of novelty items, with past favourites including the BBQ set and toilet roll holder. So how about a Park Tool Pizza cutter for £17.99? Capable of slicing up deep pan and thin and crispy bases, the Pizza cutter is compatible with all the key brands including Dominos, Pizza Hut and Chicago.

For the cyclist more concerned about his or her waistline, the Blackburn VIP SL wallet will protect their smartphone from the winter grime, while still allowing use of the touch screen (SRP £11.99). The lightweight, waterproof wallet features an easy to use closure and comes with Blackburn’s lifetime warranty.
01332 274252

Moore Large
Knog has a number of treats this Christmas. The lock range features the Party Frank, silicon over moulded steel cable lock (£16.99) in 12 colours and the new Milkman retractable cable lock (£19.99). Knog’s Frog Strobe lights are 2.5 times brighter than the original (£11.49), and the Porno Patches – fun puncture repair kits – retail at £7.19. One23 has a range of pumps, but the two essentials are the Mini T, high pressure mini floor pump, retailing at £19.99 and the Mini HV, HP/HV with aluminium barrel (£18.99). Also from ML comes Jagwire, offering a range of coloured cable kits for road, MTB and BMX. The new coloured cables are about 30 per cent lighter than standard. Multipurpose Hyper cable kits retail at £19.49 for brake and derailleur kits.

Savage has many desirable BMX parts under £20, from alloy chain adjusters to brake pads and pedals, in many colours.

Movo Bright
MovoBright is Ahead Solutions’ own brand, recently shown off at the NEC Cycle Show. The three dimensional hi viz safety device for riders gently moves brightly and catches the eye. Visible from 360° and boosting visibility for winter and low light conditions, the MovoBright weighs less than an energy bar. In a nutshell, it is a flexible rod of hi viz material that reflects light brightly back to many sources simultaneously. It’s easily clipped to rucksacks, bikes and clothing to attract attention and, the makers claim, it is visible from up to 200m away. Fully waterproof, it’s safe for children and adults and doesn’t require batteries. More details at the website below.

Purple Harry
Another classic stocking filler is Purple Harry’s Bike Floss. The mind-bendingly simple but effective cleaning product is inexpensive yet effective, helping riders get at tricky-to-reach areas. Currently available in three grades – large bristle, medium bristle or large fleece, Bike Floss makes light work of the drive train including chain rings, cassettes, derailleurs, brake callipers and levers. The Fleece option is especially suited to carbon components that may be scratched with the more abrasive Bristle versions, and this product also dries, finishes and polishes to leave your steed looking like new.

Floss is also reusable – simply wipe through with Cleaner and Degreaser or white spirits.
They retail at £3.99 for a reusable pack of five.

SKS’ Raceday is a high-pressure mini pump developed for road cycling. Presta and Schrader compatible, it retails at £17.99 RRP.

Another stocking filler of choice is the Meqix repair set, including pre-glued patches, scuffer and alloy storage case, all for £7.99. There’s also a five-in-one folding multi-tool from Cyclepro, all for £12.99.

Everyone knows that sunglasses are more useful in winter than in a British summer due to that constant low sun action on the road, so Uvex’s SGL501 sunglasses are worth a stocking filler punt at £19.99, featuring Litemirror lens technology, decentered lens technology, flexible straps and 100 per cent UVA, UVB, UVC protection.

The RSP CX2.0 computer also squeaks into the sub-£20 stocking filler category at £19.99. This compact cycle computer covers speed and distance.

For lights, the Moon GEM1.0 lightweight LED lights have a 90 Lux light output and are USB rechargeable (£19.99). The Skully lights have LEDs where the eyes should be, with flashing and constant modes (RRP £12.99).
01773 532600

Sealskinz has a couple of stocking filler items under £20, ideal for cyclist Christmas presents. First up is a pair of fingerless cycle gloves (just under at £19.95). These track mitts are close-fitting, flexible, ventilated (through the back) and have textured, synthetic padded palms. The anatomic design has pressure point padding for comfort, while 3D closures provide a custom fit.

Another item ideal for winter is the Windproof Skull Cap (also £19.95). This close fitting, lightweight and breathable skull cap is designed to be worn under a helmet, to protect against the cold weather.
An anatomic four-panel design provides an improved fit – the four-way stretch shell is windproof and breathable. It’s easy to wear, low bulk and micro fleece-lined. Clever ear perforations aid all-important hearing on the bike. There’s more at
01553 817990

Altura Team Arm Warmers (£19.99) are branded for the team look, with breathable stretch fabric and grippers for secure fit. Camelbak’s Podium Bottle (£8.99) is another well-priced stocking filler, offering the innovative self-sealing jet valve system. CatEye also has a number of sub-£20 offerings, including the OMNI three lights (front or rear) retailing at £12.99. It’s an all-new LED head light with three powerful LEDs and 180 degree visibility. Fenwicks offers its famous Foaming Chain Cleaner (from £4.99) – a wet degreaser with rich foam qualities that is designed to stay in place while working on the affected areas. The Ultraflate Plus CO2 inflator from Genuine Innovations uses trigger controlled tech for fast, easy, single-handed CO2 inflation, compatible with Schraeder and Presta valves, at £19.99. Grangers offers a Dirty Scrubber for £2.99 – a high performance cleaner for waterproof clothing, while Powerbar has Fruit Gel (£1.30) and Natural Energy Fruit & Nut bars for £1.40 each. 01845 521700

Wildoo has entered the phone-protection-while-you’re-riding fray with the Velopac. Designed and manufactured in the UK by Wildoo, Velopac is a simple waterproof case to protect a mobile phone from sweat and water damage when stored in a jersey pocket. Designed to perfectly fit most jersey pockets the simple design is big enough to accommodate any make of smart phone (including iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note) and has room to also hold some money and a bank card so all valuable are safe and dry.

One side is clear plastic so that a smartphone screen can be used without removing it from the case. The front side can be custom printed for orders from 200pcs.
01908 374555

We’ve all been there – stuck somewhere without any charge on your mobile phone/iPod other modern device – which makes Veho’s Pebble Smartsticks a safe stocking filler bet. Charging portable devices on the move without the needs for mains power, the small and light Smartstick will provide a mobile device – like iPhone, iPhone, Blackberry or anything with a mini or micro USB – up to one additional charge. The battery itself is rechargeable and comes with a stylish carry sock for keeping cables and connectors safe. RRP is £19.95 and Veho is supporting the Breast Cancer Campaign, contributing to the charity with each purchase made.
Veho also offers a small and lightweight M3 Bluetooth Speaker that links in with any iPod or MP3 player, phone, etc. This ultra-mini rechargeable wireless 360 speaker is perfect for setting a classy mood if taking a loved one on a picnic after a cycle ride, for instance (though probably not in the winter). Price is £19.95.

Vaude’s Nevada Sweatband is ideal to wear under a bike helmet, featuring a terry cloth insert over the forehead to help keep sweat out of the eyes (£11). The Vaude Race Footies (£9), meanwhile, provide ventilation thanks to the mesh on the upper section of the light footie. Coming in black and white, the footies sport durable toe caps and heels to provide hold.

The Epoc M (pictured) is a £9 pouch for mobile phones or MP3 players, with an easy Velcro attachment. It can be latched onto the shoulder strap of a backpack or bag and keeps devices safe in the padded inner pocket.
The brand also stocks £19 Comp gloves that are ideal for beginners, with grippy, ergonomic padded palms and terry cloth inserts at the thumbs. Pull tabs at the finers and narrow Velcro closure on the palm aid a close fit.

Breo has been making watches since 2008, designed for the active lifestyle with a simple, stylish look that doesn’t make active types ‘look like you’ve completely lost touch with fashion’. The Roam Elite is water resistant and features soft touch rubber that keeps the watch super lightweight (only 12g). The Roam Elite retails at £12 and is available in a wealth of colour options. The Curve is another twist on the simple styling of the Roam Elite, priced at £18.

The Pulse is a more perpendicular version of the watch, also water resistance and priced at £12. Finally, the Bangle moves on from the Roam models and places added emphasis on the fashion. At 18mm thick, the Bangle is over three times chunkier than the original, priced at £15.

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