The Bike Place to feature host of speakers

The Bike Place visitors will benefit from a data and education rich seminar series.

Visitors to the 2018 The Bike Place Show will, for the first time, benefit from a seminar stage area.

Those who register for the January 14th to 16th exhibition will enjoy a line up that’s not limited exclusively to bike industry speakers, with an outside-looking-in view delivered from market researchers GFK as a headline talk on Monday, January 15th.

The list of speakers will include:

  • Colin Rees, Quest Consultancy sales training
  • Craig Middleton, NRG4 Cycling presents Xplova
  • John Styles, PayCycle and Cyconomist
  • Jon Iriberri pro-tour bike fitter and CEO
  • Justin Dueck, Kali Protectives
  • Mark O’Dolan, High Street Mentor
  • David Hemming, X-Bionic
  • Tom Korff, Frog Bikes
  • Paul Mitchell, GFK

Allotted times on stage will be published online shortly.

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