Four street schemes are to be trialled for use across London

TfL announces funding for street improvement trials

Grants have been awarded for four innovative schemes that aim to transform streets in the Capital as part of Trasport for London’s Future Streets Incubator Fund.

The new schemes aim to decrease congestion, overcrowding and pollution across the city by focussing on long-term improvements in areas such a Bird Street (a traffic free space close to Oxford Street), where technologies designed to generate green energy from the sun and pavement movement will be implemented. 

A statement released today by TfL asserts the importance of making eco friendly ‘enjoyable’ public spaces that prioritise pedestrians and cyclists.

Deputy Mayor for Transport, Isabel Dedring, said: “Given the growing pressures on our road network to move people and goods, and tackle air pollution, we need to be evermore inventive in how we use our limited road space.”

Another of the schemes is focussed on the consolidation of deliveries to businesses within Holborn, Bloomsbury and St Giles. The innovation is based on a central platform for ordering everyday items like milk and newspapers, and will facilitate consolidated deliveries made using low emission electric vehicles or cargo bikes to up to 320 local businesses. 

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