1,000 Watt gearless E-motors to be shown on stand ZH-204 in the Zepplin Hall

Team Hybrid to launch ‘Falco E-motors’ at Eurobike

Team hybrid plans to release two lightweight, high power and high torque brushless, gearless eMotors for eBikes under the brand name Falco at Eurobike.

These motors can be installed either in the rear or the front wheel of a bicycle providing tremendous flexibility in installation. Both the motors come equipped with disc brake as well as free wheel adaptors, which can be customized based on individual requirements.

These eMotors are based on multi-phase, multi-pole permanents magnet motor technology with what is claimed to produce far superior power, torque and efficiency than the conventional three-phase motors.

Team Hybrid claims to have a weight reduction of at least 25 per cent, improvement in efficiency of ten per cent, increase in power and torque by 30 per cent and 40 per cent reduction in cogging torque (to enhance ease of pedaling) over the conventional three-phase geared or gearless permanent magnet brushless hub motors.

The 1,000 Watt motor weighs in at just 3.5kg with an efficiency of over 90 per cent and a peak torque of 55Nm. The 400 Watt motor weighs a mere 2kg with an efficiency of over 90 per cent and a peak torque of 22Nm. Both the motors incorporate integrated electronics thereby saving valuable space on a bicycle.

In addition, both motors are equipped with wireless communication technology to enable them to communicate with computers, cell phones and other Falco eBike components. Both of these motors can be programmed as per local regulations in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, India and other countries.

Team Hybrid also plans to launch a 9Ah, 36V, li-ion hub battery pack at Eurobike. This pack weighs a mere 3.5kg and it can be installed either in the rear or front of the wheel. The battery pack is also equipped with the wireless technology.

In addition to eMotors and battery packs, Team Hybrid is debuting at Eurobike an eBike console with integrated fitness, as well as bicycle functions. The console is also equipped with the wireless technology.

Team Hybrid booth will be located at the Zepplin Hall at ZH-204. Team Hybrid can be reached through www.falcoemotors.com or www.teamhybrid.co.uk, or via phone on +44 (0)1329 832 068.

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