We get our statistics on with a report from the Taiwan Bicycle Association

Taiwan bike exports to UK grow 7%

The number of assembled bicycles exported from Taiwan to the UK has grown in value and volume.

According to numbers passed on by Taiwan’s Bicycle Association (TBA), the UK is Taiwan’s second biggest market in terms of volume of assembled bicycles (2014), at 588,000 units, up 4.95 per cent and 15.68 per cent of the total exports. Only the US pips the UK, at 596,000 units (15.90 per cent of the total). 

In terms of value, the UK slips to third place behind Holland, with a export value of USD $167million, up 7.12 per cent (9 per cent of total export value). The US is top again, at USD $399 (23.15 per cent of total export value).

Total volume bicycle exports were down 2 per cent in 2014 (to 3.75 million). LEV (light electric vehicles) volume exports rose phenomenally by 77 per cent to 66,000 units in 2014. Parts exports grew in value – up 13 per cent to $10.35 (USD 100m). The combined total value of bicycle and parts exports grew 4.44 per cent to $27.56 (USD 100m).

Strong start for 2015 exports
2015 stats have seen growth – up 13.9 per cent in the first four months of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. The TBA said close to 1.48million bikes were exported Jan to April 2015. In that period total value of assembled bikes rose 10 per cent to USD$599million. Conversely, average value per bike dropped 3 per cent to USD $406.15 (approx £258).

There’s plenty more stats to dig through in the report, including some interesting overseas titbits:

Exports to China plummet
Exports from Taiwan to China almost halved – down 46 per cent from 250,316 units to 136,845 in 2014. The drop was less severe in value, down 8.4 per cent (USD$78 milion) while per unit that unsurprisingly rose 67.5 per cent to USD$569.27 – indiciating "the demand for Taiwanese bicycles in the Chinese market has changed to high-end bicycles".

Tariff cut sees exports rocket to New Zealand
Volume exports reached 53,474 from Taiwan to New Zealand, up 66 per cent. That was down to an agreement to eliminate all tariffs on bicycle exports from Taiwan to New Zealand.

Yen devaluation
Thanks to market turmoil and the devaluation of the yen, export volumes to Japan rose 6.4 per cent but value decreased 0.5 per cent. Elsewhere, exports to Sweden and Spain increased over ten per cent, to 180k and 71k respectively.

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