Taichung Bike Week 2020 to take place in September

Next year’s Taichung Bike Week (TBW) will run over four days – taking place from 22nd to 25th September.

The timing change from this year’s event, which was held in the middle of October, is due to the development of the annual bicycle speccing schedule.

According to organisers, many exhibitors felt that there were fewer representatives of American brands at this year’s event, mainly because they had already been to Taiwan to visit factories and discuss specifications at the end of September.

Another change for next year’s TBW is that after holding a three-day event this year, the 2020 event will last an extra day. This was deemed necessary by many exhibitors to successfully conclude all their business meetings.

Organisers hope that the changes to both the show dates and the length of the event will attract even international buyers to come to Taichung and give both visitors and exhibitors sufficient time to negotiate orders and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by TBW.

 The 2019 Taichung Bike Week was held at the Splendor, Evergreen and Tempus hotels from 16th to 18th October. A total of 407 exhibitors were attracted to participate in the exhibition, using 492 booths. 


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