Taichung Bike Week “returns to double-digit growth”

2019 Taichung Bike Week (TBW), is currently taking place, held from 16th to 18th October, at the Splendor, Evergreen Laurel and Tempus hotels in Taichung.

Over the past decade, TBW has grown to become a major annual OEM event for the global bicycle industry. TBW also highlights the Taichung City Government’s continuing efforts to boost the industry’s growth and global sales expansion.

The event caters to trading companies and product managers at mid to high-end OEM parts manufacturers and complete bicycle firms, and provides companies with a B2B trade show platform for consultation concerning new bicycle specifications.

This year’s Taichung Bike Week is expected to be 15% larger than last year’s, with 407 manufacturers introducing their latest products in over 492 booths at Taichung’s Evergreen, Splendor and Tempus hotels. 100 companies are located in 111 booths at the Evergreen Hotel, 229 companies in 291 booths at the Splendor Hotel and 78 companies occupy 90 booths at the Tempus Hotel. The focus of this year’s show will be on e-mobility products, service and gravel bikes.

Taichung Bike Week receives significant support from Taichung City Government. “We are very grateful to newly-elected Taichung Mayor, Lu Shiow-yen, and Taichung city officials for their continued support for, and commitment to, TBW and the global bicycle industry,” said a statement. “In addition to TBW information services, the City Government is hosting a welcome party with a Chinese-style dinner on the first day of the show.

“Taichung City Government’s hopes that its promotion of bicycle industry events and continuing support and assistance to the industry will help domestic and foreign firms to make contact with the local bicycle industry, bear witness to Taichung’s globalisation and appreciate Taichung’s enthusiasm for bicycles and bicycle-friendliness.”

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