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RideWrap releases dealer software for on-site, on-demand bike protection kits

RideWrap is launching the Super Cutter software, an on-site, on-demand bike protection kit cutting solution. It will be for use in bike shops, PPF/tint shops, bike manufacturing facilities, sign shops, mobile bike service businesses, or any place that is looking to offer kit creation and install service to customers. Super …

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RideWrap opens UK production facility

RideWrap has expanded its operations to include production based in the UK. “We love a good portmanteau as much as the next person,” said a statement. “But, to be honest, Brexit introduced more than a few challenges to doing business in the UK. VAT, duties, slow delivery times, etc. To …

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RideWrap ‘has people going to shops to measure bikes’

RideWrap has released a statement saying its staff has been working with shops and brands by appointment to measure bikes. It is advising shops to be wary of anyone that claims they are from a bike protection brand other than RideWrap, as they may be an imposter, following reports of …

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