Organisation's board members and execs take to London's roads on e-bikes alongside EBC

Sustrans hail electric bike’s potential

Members of the Sustrans board have hailed the potential of the e-bike having toured London on the Electric Bike Corporation’s demo fleet.

EBC Co-founder Paul Stanforth and Richard Fogg met with Sustrans on the 10th of October in London at the quarterly board and trustees meeting. 20 senior members at Sustrans then went on a 4-5 hour cycle ride in the London Commuter Traffic.

The reaction was positive from all involved, with Sustrans London Director German Dector-Vega stating that he feel it’s "not so much a question of will e-bikes become more popular in the UK, it’s more a question of when."

This sentiment was echoed by Nigel Gibbons, director of the Sustrans board, who said: "I must have been riding bikes with the brakes on before today, I have definitely seen the cycling future."

Paul Stanforth from EBC said of the feedback: "We were really keen to show the Sustrans senior team all the benefits of E-bikes and it’s great to have such a positive response. As a lifestyle and transport choice, E-bikes offer a great solution for many people and they are a great way of exploring The National Cycle Network both in and out of the City.

"The Sustrans National Cycle Network has provided a way into cycling for many people, as do E-bikes and with the development of the E-bike both from a technology and ethos perspective we have seen more core enthusiasts using them".

"With the cost of fuel continuing to rise and E-bikes becoming lighter, more practical, better performing, aesthetically more pleasing, less expensive and not least of all, cooler; we see the E-bike as an answer to many health, transport and lifestyle questions. Have a go, there a great deal of fun."

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