The European cycle route network project - EuroVelo - made it on to the political radar of the European Commission late last week. Three MEPs, including Britain's Dr. Caroline Lucas, put down a written question to the European Commission about the future of the network. Sustrans is calling on pro-bike individuals and companies to email their support for an environmental Trans-European Transport Network (T-Ten). The contacts are listed below.

Sustrans calls for email campaign in support of the EuroVelo cycle route network

Sustrans is a member of the EuroVelo management team, which believes the European Union should show its support for cycling by recognising EuroVelo as the first environmentally friendly Trans-European Transport Network.

"There are T-TEN’s for rail, road and sea; there should be a green one too," argues Philip Insall, Sustrans’ international liaison manager.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to affect European transport development, and we are

tremendously grateful to Dr Lucas for placing the parliamentary question. It is important for both individuals and organisations to support the proposal. Let your MEP know that you believe EuroVelo should be adopted as a Trans-European Network and developed by the European Union."

Sustrans suggests that anyone keen on seeing EuroVelo included as one of the Trans-European Networks should:

1. "Write to your MEPs who have shared responsibility for large regional constituencies."

You will find UK MEPs listed at:…/MembersPrincip.htm

The MEPs of other European countries can be found at:…/p_meps2.repartition?ilg=EN&iorig=home

2. "It would also be useful to write to the European Transport Commissioner, Mrs Loyola de Palacio, and the Director General, Francois Lamoureux.

European Commission

Rue de la Loi 200

1049 Brussels



FAX CONTACTS: Palacio/Commissioner

Fax 00 32 2 298 03 99.


Fax 00 32 2 296 83 55.

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