Sustainability and the cycling industry: Rozone

After a decade of supplying parts washers to the bike trade, Rozone has entered a new era with its eco-friendly focus

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While the bicycle itself is essential in the green revolution, there are plenty of processes in the wider bike trade that are far from perfect – from packaging to plastic use.

Some of the biggest brands in the world are now driving hard to cut back on their harm, by implementing more sustainable practices, but it’s not just down to the major players. The change can begin in the workshop. 

Since it was founded in 1996, cleaning solution specialist Rozone has been working across the aerospace, automotive, government sectors, and for the last 10 years, has been distributing parts washers to workshops across the UK bike industry. 

As part of its new focus on sustainability, and a drive to replace potentially hazardous chemicals with water or solvent-based solutions Rozone, based in Wednesbury in the West Midlands, recently introduced the Rowasher – a bioremediation washer designed to reduce waste fluid. 

But why reinvent the washer? Account development manager at Rozone, Carl James, said: “The original parts washers had not developed for some time. Customers were asking us for a more sustainable cleaning solution – reduced running costs, power consumption, and consumable usage, with a fluid that stays cleaner for longer.

“As a distributor our hands were tied. We were also aware of our huge carbon footprint importing machines. We took the decision to partner with the University of Wolverhampton to design, develop and manufacture the new generation Rowasher and Rowash consumables.”

The Rowasher uses bioremediation – a process that employs microorganisms to break down contaminants – to reduce the environmental impact in the workshop, and there are business benefits to considering a new way of washing. 

According to Rozone, their machine breaks down 83% of oil in the system, and with energy bills set to rocket in the UK, the energy saving mode could reduce electricity bills by 42% compared to other washers. The solutions involved can also help improve your environmental credentials, Rozone said, as the Roswasher’s fluid is pH neutral, biodegradable and solvent-free.

While of course there is an upfront cost to bringing in a parts washer to your workshop (the Rowasher retails from between £1,200 up to £1,700 for the top-end model), Rozone argues that the increased efficiency is worth it, as the Rowasher cleans 50% faster than spray and rags.

James said: “The Rowasher ticks the boxes for workshops looking to improve on sustainability. At Rozone, we’re on the same journey, looking at ways to be more sustainable in our products, our packaging and in our manufacturing processes – small steps for longer term impact.

“We are now a climate positive workforce, offsetting our employees’ carbon emissions. We want to cultivate a company legacy that balances our people and our planet with our profits.”

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