Como Agencies are the UK distributors of InSync forks but Concept, Raleigh and Lew Ways have joined forces to get the recall notice out to consumers. The IBD recall notice was posted on this site last week. PR Principles of Nottingham who have handled PR projects for Raleigh in the past were this week appointed to tell the UK cycling media about the recall. Their press release follows...

Suppliers club together over InSync


Several UK cycle manufacturers are advising owners of certain models to take their cycles to their local dealers for a free precautionary safety check.

The request follows the discovery that a particular type of suspension fork (the INSYNC 203) which is fitted as a finished component to several models of mountain bikes, may not in every case, have been produced within specification by the component supplier, Spinner Industries of Taiwan.

The makes and models are:

Raleigh Max Y Alloy FS 21 speed RS and EF, and 24 speed EF

Concept Cycling Ltd – Saxon Freeclimb Suspension, Concept Altitude Suspension, Concept Colorado Suspension

Lew Ways – 24 Mach 15, 20 ZX50 Y Frame, 24 ZX60 Y Frame, 26 Cougar 21 Y Frame, and 26 Xtreme Y Frame

Generator Descender Suspension

Cascade Spectre Suspension


Protec – 20 Downhill Y Frame, 24 Dirt Craze Y Frame, 26 Psycho Y Frame, 24 Devastator, 26 Synergy

The manufacturers emphasise that only a small number of these cycles may be affected. No other models are affected.

The cycle companies point out that it is not a manufacturing defect, but a matter of assembly of the suspension fork – the variation in tightening of two securing bolts. The problem relates only to one batch period and even within this there is variability, so that not all cycles being recalled to dealers will be affected.

Owners of Raleigh models are being asked to take their bicycles back to any Raleigh dealer, or Raleigh service dealer, or to any branch of Halfords or JJB Sports/Sport Division. A free safety check will be made and, if necessary, adjustment made by the dealer in less than five minutes.

However, in the interests of safety, Raleigh has agreed with its dealers, along with Halfords and JJB Sports/Sport Division and Protec that it will undertake the check for owners of the other makes of cycles.

Not all cycles within these model ranges will need adjusting but the check, and the adjustment if necessary, are very quick to carry out. We would stress that owners should not try to make this adjustment themselves. A special tool is required and this has been supplied to the dealers performing the free safety check.

Although there is unlikely to be any significant risk, the cycle manufacturers advise that under certain combinations of conditions, the performance and safety of the affected models could be compromised.

However small the risk, we are never prepared to take any chances with the matter of safety nor with our reputation for quality; these are of paramount importance to our brands and the whole cycle industry, said the manufacturers spokesman.

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