...until you start getting customers demading to see the data you hold on them. New legislation will soon give consumers new rights to take a peek at your database version of their life

Database marketing is great….

When mum and dad buy their little Jimmy a bike for his birthday, the savvy IBD makes a note of the date, captures the address details and then sends a birthday card the following year.

This doesnt just show you care, its a means of generating possible accessory sales.

A good database holds all sort of sales-lead information that the intelligent marketeer can use to boost footfall. Every IBD has just such a brilliant list, dont they?

Of course they do. But even those IBDs who keep the most rudimentary of mailing lists wont be exempt from the revised Data Protection Act which comes into force on March 1st.

In eleven days time consumers will have rights of access to any data held on them. Serious breaches of the Data Protection Act can result in court appearances and heavy fines.

Start cleaning that database now!

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