Study how to “go Dutch” at Amsterdam Uni’s cycle planning course

Applications have opened for the University of Amsterdam’s 2018 Planning the Cycling City course. This is an English-language summer school for urban planning students first staged in 2015. BikeBiz attended some of that first course – it has subsequently gone on to become one of the world’s most sought after planning courses for cycle advocates and urban designers.

The course lasts three weeks and was created to cater to the booming academic interest in cycling. The summer school was designed for Master’s, PhD and graduate students, and attracts students from around the world. 

Led by "cycling professor" Marco te Brömmelstroet of the Urban Cycling Institute the summer school explores city cycling from the Dutch perspective, focussing on history, policy, infrastructure, planning, and culture. The course, staged by the Center for Urban Studies of the University of Amsterdam, includes seminars, guest speakers, and excursions. Guest speakers include specialist academics and professionals working in local, regional, and national organisations, as well as advocacy groups.

The idea for the summer school was suggested by Meredith Glaser, the Amsterdam-based officer for Denmark’s Copenhagenize cycle-infrastructure consultancy.

Excursions are part of the programme – these illustrate the Dutch perspectives on what makes a "cycling city." Site visits include Kansrijk Zuid-Oost as well as group rides around Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The summer school’s qualification is the equivalent of a 6 European Credits (or 3 American credits) module.

The fourth annual staging of the summer school will include:

  • History of urban cycling and current trends
  • Strategic planning at different scales
  • The importance of the land use component
  • Bicycle culture and effects: from a social and geographical position
  • Data collection and measurements
  • Images: marketing as policy instrument

The course will be held 17th June – 5th July, with applications closing on 15th March.

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